The Peart Residence

Rangitahi Peninsula Raglan Waikato New Zealand
The Peart Residence


The design draws inspiration from the landscape, with the breathtaking Mount Karioi as a backdrop, featuring an intriguing roofline reminiscent of barn-like structure with an asymmetric gable, which brings a point of difference. This distinctive roofline not only adds character and uniqueness but also ensures the house blends effortlessly with the natural contours of the flowing rolling hills.

The orientation of the Peart Residence is meticulously planned to capture the most breathtaking views and optimise sunlight. Expansive windows serve as frames for the scenic outdoors, allowing the beauty of nature and the use of wood features to become an integral part of the home’s interior.

Upon entering, the open-plan layout immediately conveys a sense of spaciousness. High ceilings amplify this effect, making each room feel airy and expansive. This design approach not only enhances the visual appeal but also promotes a sense of freedom and versatility in how the spaces can be used.

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Such an easy process designing a home for Christina and Andy, very pleased with the outcome! Well done!

The Peart Residence

The Peart Residence is designed with a family in mind, cleverly accommodating the needs of a family with three children. A standout feature is the mezzanine loft, which ingeniously serves as a fourth bedroom. This creative use of vertical space provides additional functionality without compromising the overall design.

Skylights are strategically placed throughout the home, ensuring that natural light reaches even the most secluded corners. This infusion of natural light is complemented by modern lighting pendants that add a contemporary touch to the interiors.

What’s truly remarkable about the Peart Residence is that all of this was accomplished on a modest budget. Through careful planning, innovative solutions, and a focus on essential elements, the project has resulted in a home that is both stunning and affordable. The end result is a beautiful architectural achievement that exemplifies what can be done with creativity and careful budgeting.

The Peart Residence is a shining example of how thoughtful design and planning can create a harmonious blend of indoor and outdoor living. By maximising natural light, making smart use of space, and maintaining a deep respect for the environment, this home provides both functionality and inspiration. The Peart Residence stands as a testament to the potential of budget-friendly architectural innovation, offering a beautiful, welcoming space for its inhabitants. Welcome to a home where nature and design come together in perfect harmony.


The Peart Residence


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